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Art Below Los Angeles Open For Submissions
Posted on: Fri, 12 Oct 2018
Art Below Turning Ad Space into Art Space at Grand Union Station with Halloween Art Opening at Culver City Masonic Lodge
We are now accepting submissions for the third edition of 'Art Below Los Angeles' giving you the opportunity to have your art printed and displayed as a billboard poster in Grand Union Station from 29th October for two weeks. 

Grand Union is California's largest and busiest station serving over 110,000 passengers a day and known as 'America's last great railway station'.
To celebrate and mark the opening of Art Below Los Angeles we are having a Halloween Art Party at the Masonic Lodge in Culver City on 31st October where all the artists work will be on show as framed limited edition prints. 

Confirmed artists taking part include James MylneBen EineKaren BystedtKatya Kan and the Art Wars initiative.
Please click here to view guidelines on how to apply for 'Art Below Los Angeles' 2018.

Application is by email to no later than Monday 23rd October.    
Please apply with all the details as specified in the guidelines.  

Click here to view photos of 'Art Below Los Angeles' held previously in February 2017 and featured artists including Ben Eine, Risk, Alison Jackson, Hayden Kays and a piece of Trump protest art by Anish Kapoor CBE.  
Posted on: Mon, 1 Oct 2018
Re:Centre Present 'Choose Your Hero' Exhibition
Private View: Thursday 4th October, 6.30 - 8.30pm 
Address: Re:Centre, Thames Wharf, Rainville Road, London  W6 9HA
EXHIBITING ARTISTS: Timothy Gatenby, Sabrina Rowan Hamilton, Jo Holland,
Harriet Hoult, Emma Johansen, Ru Knox, Stephanie Mill, Fleur van der Minne, 
Rita de Sa, Simon Stephenson, James Vaulkhard
CURATOR: Ben Moore
In the communal Riverside studio at Re:Centre, Hammersmith, nine London based artists have been given the chance to step out of their traditional modes of working, and enter a reflective and inspiring space to reconnect to themselves, to others and to their creative practice.

Each three month residency culminates in a two week long exhibition at Re:Centre's 4000 square feet event space.  
The first exhibition titled 'Choose Your Hero' is based on the theme of  The Hero's Journey (Joseph Campbell) and is curated by public art curator Ben Moore. 

'Choose your Hero' opens with a private view on 4th October 6.30 - 8.30 pm at Re:Centre. Following the private view the exhibition is open to the pubic (admission free) 11 am - 5 pm daily until 17th October.  

Selected works by each of the nine artists will go on display across billboard space at Regent's Park from 24 September for four weeks supported by Art Below. 

25% of the proceeds go towards developing Special Yoga at Re:Centre which aims to support and facilitate the practice of yoga for children and adults with special needs. 
'Whether you call someone a hero or a monster is all relative to where the focus of your consciousness may be.' Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

For interview requests and high resolution images please contact: 
Beck Moreno 

For sales Enquiries please contact: 
Fleur van der Minne
Lisa Cirenza Brings the Colour of Cuba back to London
Posted on: Thu, 27 Sep 2018
 About her new work and Cuban experience Lisa says: 
In a world where viewpoints are increasingly black or white, (red or blue?) without nuance, and often not allowing for any colour mixing both literally and figuratively, I went to Cuba on an artist residency this past July.

Raised in America, infused with a Cold War American narrative highlighted by the Bay of Pigs, and other polarizing events, I went looking for what was beneath the surface of these political narratives.

I tried to learn Spanish, but only mastered the phrase "El mundo esta loco" (the world is crazy). It served me well, but not as well as learning to embrace the Cuban optimism and love of music, dance and the arts as a means of counterbalancing life's challenges.
I love what happens when you put opposite colors next to each other and they make each other sing ever more brightly than when they are alone. Finding the beautiful nuanced grays when mixing diametrically opposed colors with hints of white light, or black depth can only increase the strength of the entire composition. Imagine the implications of thoughtfully mixing or juxtaposing blues,reds and yellows,  greens, purples and oranges, blacks and whites as we contemplate our personal narratives and delicately mix them with those around us...what a glorious global composition we could create...
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