Azam: Antarctica - London Underground & Tokyo Subway
The London-based artist Nasser Azam will be showing displays of photography, painting and video, made on a mission to Antarctica in early 2010, in the Tokyo Subway and London Underground this April.


Azams painting practice explores the limits of creativity in extreme and unfamiliar physical conditions - "Life in Space", was carried out in Star City, Moscow in July 2008 where Azam completed two triptychs in zero gravity, made as a homage to the artist Francis Bacon.

Azam commented "I wanted to expose the desolate, silent, spacious and empty environment of the South Pole in a diametrically opposite and probably the most crowded, hectic, busy and noisy space in the world"

In February 2010 accompanied by a camera crew, Azam conducted a mission to Antarctica, where he endured extreme weather conditions to produce 13 large abstract oil paintings responding to different Antarctic landscapes, including ice lakes, ice caves, glaciers and ice deserts.

Starting 11th April Art Below will take over a 16 metre long billboard space on the Ginza line platform in Shibuya Tokyo with images of Nasser Azams Antarctica series for 2 weeks.

Simultaneously, 6,000 miles across the globe on a westbound central line platform in Londons Liverpool Street Station tube, travelers will be able to view the Tokyo platform - the poster display and all the public activity going on around it as a time lapse film on a 2 by 3 metre-wide projection screen.

Also featuring, as part of the same video projection will be a short film made in collaboration with Bafta nominated British Film Director Ed Blum, documenting Nassers expedition in Antarctica showing scenes of him painting inside ice caves and different Antarctic landscapes. Both the "Antarctica" film and Tokyo time lapse will be viewable online at