Andersson paints Angelina

Swedish Artist Johan Andersson has produced a 32x34 cm oil painting featuring a topless Angelina Jolie.

Johan who has made a name for himself through highly aestheticised portraits of Amy Winehouse and Muammar Gaddaffi says 'My Mother had aggressive breastcancer when I was 15, the thought of her having to have a mastectomy really scared me and she was fortunate enough to have surgery without the mastectomy. The recent news about Angelina stirred an anxiety within me leading me to paint this portrait. There is an underlying awkwardness in her demeanour in juxtaposition to the natural beauty of her face.' 

Johan Andersson is the youngest artist ever to be short-listed for the BP Portrait Award, which also makes him one of the youngest artists ever to be exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery. 

Proceeds from the sale of the painting will go to the Falling Whistles charity that campaigns for peace in the Congo, a cause which Angelina Jolie herself is very passionate about.