Art Below are proud to present 'Art of Angel', showcasing a selection of outstanding international artists work on billboard space throughout Angel tube station for 2 weeks this January.

On the 16th January Art Below are launching a 3 day exhibition of the artists original work at The Candid Arts Trust, a Victorian warehouse with over 6,500 sq ft of exhibition space, located directly behind Angel station, and just  5 minutes walk from The London Art Fair at the Business Design Centre (15th - 19th Jan)

The Candid Arts Trust, 3 Torrens Street, London,  EC1V 1NQ
11am - 6pm, Friday 17th  - Sunday 19th January. 
Admission Free
Exhibiting Artists
Julia Abele, Francis Akpata, Heloise Bergman,  Henrietta Bowden Jones,  Peter Brooke- Ball
Lisa Cirenza Lisa Cody Rapport Alison Jackson Hayden Kays,  Sequin Kay,   
Marie-Claudine Llamas,  Ani Lang, Philip Levine ,    C.W.Lubeck, Suzi Morris,
C.Morey de Morand,  Scarlett Raven, Andrew StanneyDavid Stanley,  Bran Symondson,  
Katharine Tustain, John Tunstall,   Johan Wahlstrom,   Art WarsPatrick Whitehead

'LHR (Terminal 1)
Peter Brooke Ball, supported by Encounter Fine Art
'Muscle Love'
'It's boring to die'
'The Phases of Ramstein'
Ta Moko: Modern Maori Warriors
'Fumarole 2'
'In Recline'
'Water Meadow'
'Hassidic Jews Await the Coming of the Messiah'