Art Below launch Gallery in Hoxton

For a long time now The Gallery Bar (first floor) has been not much more than a pathway to the smokers terrace, and a spot for Kirsties stalkers and fans to skulk. We decided that it was worth much more than this, and an opportunity was being missed. A makeover was due, but this wasnt going to be some sub-changing rooms style lame lick of paint, no this is the Macbeth, and a makeover is a chance to try something new. So with this ethos in mind we  decided to bring in the unparalleled talents of renowned graffiti writer and just artist in his own right Mike Ballard. With a free reign on the space he decided to create what could be described as Art Below's own contemporary Sistine Chapel. It really is something to behold.

To celebrate the unveiling of The Art Below Gallery, we held a private view of Mikes work and the work of Art Wars, with DJs Pierre Hangover (Real Gold), Ruby Doobey, and Mell Mod and a free BBQ followed by an after party till 1am.

DSC_1150 by you.

DSC_1156 by you.

Collaborative piece by Mike Ballard and Art Wars

Art Wars by you.

IMG_0886 by you.

DSC_1174 by you.

DSC_0009 by you.

DSC_0004 by you.

DSC_0002 by you.

DSC_1169 by you.

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