Art Below announces winner of The ArtVert Competition..



Art Belows latest poster open poster competition was in collaboration with Rooms Magazine.
We challenged artists and designers to come up with a poster design that has the appearance of an advertisement.  We had an amazing response and made a short list of some of what we considered to be the best. See below

The winning poster design by Dave Robertson is now on display at St.John's Wood Underground station for 2 weeks.  Rooms Magazine is also running a feature on the winning artist and their underground poster in the December 2011 issue.


Here are some selected entries from what we have received..
Tim Cox
Alex Gross
Joe Cruz
Simon Vahala
Paul Cain
Chris Miller
Herve Constant
Jorge Ruiz Abanades
Dave Robertson
Christophe Siel
Sam Holden
Rafa Prada
Omar Castaneda
Rosa Beiroa
Bruno Falc„o
Richard Kirby
Noel Campbell
Tony grady
Rufus Krieger
Momo Meng
Yusuke Nagano
Stephen Murray
Aleksandra Naparlo-Czyz